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The World's Greatest Super Friends Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

"The Fantastic Frerps"

Aired: November 10, 1973

King Plasto has plans to create a kingdom made of plastic, but to do it, he needs to steal government shipments of a special form of plastic which brings in the Super Friends to investigate.

John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension are back talking another episode of The Super Friends, one that John remembers fondly from his youth. In this episode, they discuss if the episode holds up to John's memories, John cosplaying as King Plasto, and the "science" of the Super Friends.

John references The Ultimate Super Friends Companion by Will Rodgers.  Check it out for yourself by purchasing a copy via Amazon.


Dan Greenfield is the editor and co-creator of, a website devoted primarily to comics and pop culture, past and present. To him, the basic food groups are Batman, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the Original Series), James Bond, the Beatles and the Stones. But if he had to he'd be able to subsist on Batman alone. Channel 11 in New York was his favorite syndicated channel as a kid -- you can guess why -- followed closely by Channel 5. Channel 9 didn't really enter into it unless he was home sick and there wasn't much else on. He's married to his remarkably patient wife Wendy and his best sidekick is his son, Sam. They have two cats,Lex and Zod.



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