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The World's Greatest Super Friends Podcast

Feb 11, 2023

"The Enforcer / The Shark / Planet of the Neanderthals / Flood of Diamonds"

Aired: October 15, 1977

Wonder Woman and Aquaman race to rescue an underworld civilization from "The Enforcer".  Then, those Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna with their space monkey, Gleek, must save a pair of boys from "The Shark".  Next, the...

Jan 16, 2023

"The Monster of Dr. Droid / Vandals / Super Friends vs. Super Friends / Energy Mass"

Aired: October 8, 1977

Wonder Woman and Superman team up once again to stop the rampage of "The Monster of Dr. Droid".  Next, the Wonder Twins must save a pair of teen "Vandals" who are trapped in a plummeting school elevator.  Then,...

Dec 17, 2022

"Doctor Fright / Drag Race / Plant Creatures / Fire"

Aired: October 1, 1977

Wonder Woman and Superman team up to stop the fear gas of "Doctor Fright".  Next, the Wonder Twins must save a group of teens when their car goes out of control during a "Drag Race".  Then, the combied Justice League must rescue Florida City...

Oct 22, 2022

"Invasion of the Hydronoids / Hitchhike / City in a Bottle / Space Emergency"

Aired: September 24, 1977

Batman, Robin and Aquaman must stop an "Invasion of the Hydronoids.  Next, the Wonder Twins teach a lessson in how dangerous it is to "Hitchhile".  Then, the combied Justice League travel to another world to save a...

Sep 24, 2022

"The Secret Four / Tiger on the Loose/ The Mysterious Time Creatures / The Antidote"

Aired: September 17, 1977

Batman, Robin and Superman must stop The Secret Four from upsetting the world's oil supplies.  Next, the Wonder Twins teach two lessons when there's a "Tiger on the Loose".  Then, the combied Justice League...