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The World's Greatest Super Friends Podcast

Jan 11, 2020


"Menace of the Black Manta"

September 9, 1967

We take a slight detour from our look at the Super Friends with the precursor to the series, the Filmation cartoons.  The DC Universe was covered on television from 1966-1969 on CBS television with most of the major heroes given their own venue to shine, and among them was Aquaman.  

John and Dan discuss the first episode shown in his adventures.  It's completely different from their look at Filmation's Batman and that's not a bad thing.  They talk about the frenetic pace of the story, Bob Haney, the writer of the episode as well as of the comic book at the time, and how cool a villain Black Manta is.

Join us in a few weeks as we return with a new Super Friends review, "The Shaman U" and follow that up with a look at one of the Filmation Justice League of America stories.