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The World's Greatest Super Friends Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

"The Balloon People"

Aired: November 3, 1973

An alien family comes to Earth in the hopes of finding a home and starting over after watching their own world fall apart from pollution.  But a ruthless scientist will stop at nothing to capture them and learn their secrets.  The Super Friends take on the role of the...

May 24, 2020

Green Lantern

"Evil is as Evil Does"

December 23, 1967

Evil Star escapes from prison and makes his way to Earth to attack Green Lantern.  But when he fails to defeat the Emerald Warrior, he travels to Oa, disables the Guardians and prepares for a final confrontation.

John and Dan return to the sea to discuss the 80th...

May 10, 2020


"The Rampaging Reptile Men"

September 9, 1967

The Reptile Men attack an Atlantean power station and retreat when Aquaman arrives.  He follows them to their under water grotto where he discovers an entire civilization.

John and Dan discuss the last story in the first airing of Aquaman.  This discussion includes a...

Mar 31, 2020

"The Androids"

Aired: October 27, 1973

A lunar mission returns to Earth, but the astronauts are missing.  The Super Friends are brought in to investigate and soon discover that the entire space program is endangered by a scientist and his army of androids. 

John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension are at odds over...

Mar 16, 2020

The Flash

"To Catch a Blue Bolt"

November 25, 1967

Blue Bolt returns to Earth with thoughts of revenge against the Flash.  So he sets off on a world wind havoc tour with the Flash and Kid Flash right behind him.

John and Dan discuss an episode of The Flash on his 80th anniversary.  They talk about the Speed Force, the...