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The World's Greatest Super Friends Podcast

Jan 11, 2020


"Menace of the Black Manta"

September 9, 1967

We take a slight detour from our look at the Super Friends with the precursor to the series, the Filmation cartoons.  The DC Universe was covered on television from 1966-1969 on CBS television with most of the major heroes given their own venue to shine, and among...

Dec 1, 2019

"Dr. Pelagian's War"

Aired: October 6, 1973

A Nemo-esque environmentalist demands the world's industrialists change their polluting ways or face the consequences. And then it's a race against time as the Super Friends must "convince" three holdouts. 

While the last episode didn't meet with Dan Greenfield of 13th...

Jul 29, 2019


"The Weathermaker"

Aired: September 30, 1973

A series of freak weather events around the Florida panhandle keeps the Super Friends busy as they must answer a series of weather-related emergency calls.  But what is causing it?  Batman and Robin are kept on the move as they track down the perpetrator,...

Jun 29, 2019


"Professor Goodfellow's GEEC"

Aired: September 23, 1973

Professor Goodfellow has developed the means to make humanity's life so much more simpler - the GEEC - a computer system that will run the world and handle all the tasks that occupy humanity and keep them from reaching their full potential.  He offers it for...

May 27, 2019

"The Baffles Puzzle"

Aired: September 15, 1973

At first, it seems to Batman like a simple matter for the police when all the encyclopedias disappear from the library.  But when Colonel Wilcox of the Secret Department of Investigation contacts the Super Friends to prevent the stealing of French lithographs, things...